Wrongful Termination Attorneys

There are few things more frustrating and stressful than losing your job. This experience is made even worse when you’re the victim of wrongful termination due to some form of discrimination.

Proving a wrongful termination claim can be difficult; therefore it is important to have experienced, effective legal representation. Our firm represents only plaintiffs (the one who brings suit in a court), and we have the experience to prepare and handle your case.

The attorneys and staff at Hammons, Hurst & Associates are proud of the fact that Employment Law is our practice, which is why we devote all our resources to protecting the rights of employees who have been treated unfairly.

We Can Help You Determine if You Have a Claim

Many people are uncertain if they have a claim for wrongful termination. To have a claim, you must be covered under federal antidiscrimination law, meaning you cannot be fired based on:

  • age
  • race
  • gender
  • national origin
  • pregnancy
  • disability
  • religion
  • retaliation

If you are still employed, but fear you may be fired due to discrimination, it is important that you first make a formal report of the discrimination to a manager or human resources officer.

If you become our client, you’ll benefit from our attorneys’ extensive knowledge of employment law, which they will use to investigate your claim and inform you of your legal rights. You can count on our lawyers to provide the practical legal advice that meets your unique needs and helps you understand your options and potential outcomes.