Helping Employees Receive Overtime Pay

Employees who are paid by the hour, as well as many salaried employees, are entitled to receive overtime pay for time worked over 40 hours in one week (if your employer makes more than $500,000 annually in gross receipts). If your employer has failed to pay for your work, you may need our assistance.

At Hammons, Hurst & Associates, our skilled employment law attorneys and staff can help you determine your options for securing the overtime pay you deserve. We can also represent your fellow employees if they too have not received pay they are entitled to.

Don’t Take Action Against Your Employer Alone—We Can Protect Your Rights

It’s unlawful for an employer to require you to perform work off the clock, work through designated break times, or refuse to allow you to take days off. If you were fired because you made a complaint about not being paid for the amount of hours you worked, contact us. You have rights if your employer retaliates against you.

Our attorneys know how important your job is to you. We can thoroughly investigate your claims, reviewing pay stubs, emails, and financial data to determine whether your employer classified you incorrectly to avoid paying you overtime or was simply not paying you to save money. Some cases may involve filing a claim with the Department of Labor to get the compensation you deserve; however, we are ready to go to court if necessary.

Contact Hammons, Hurst & Associates today if you believe your employer has not paid you for the time you put in.