Lawyers fighting Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, there are still far too many workers who daily face sexual harassment in the workplace. If you find yourself in this situation, we at Hammons, Hurst & Associates may be able to help you.

What to Do if You Are the Victim of Sexual Harassment

Before taking action, it’s important to understand what sexual harassment means. Under the law, sexual harassment can take two forms: (1) quid pro quo, in which someone offers benefits (such as a promotion or a raise) in exchange for sexual favors, or (2) hostile work environment, which may include exposure to:

  • lewd comments
  • unwanted verbal and sexual advances
  • sexually explicit materials such as pornography

The first thing you should do if subjected to sexual harassment is report it, either to a manager or human resources representative. It’s important to have your report documented in the event no action is taken to fix the situation.

Once you report sexual harassment, your employer is obliged to do something about it. If nothing happens, or if retaliatory actions are taken against you, consult with an experienced attorney.

When possible, document the unwanted behavior towards you. For instance, if a coworker is sexually harassing you via email or text messaging, save every message. The more evidence you can provide establishing an existing pattern, the more it will benefit your claim.

You Are Not Alone. Call Hammons, Hurst & Associates for Help

This may be a tough time for you, but you have options. Let us help explain them to you.