Race Discrimination Attorneys

While the United States has made great strides in educating people about the dangers of race discrimination, the problem remains. If you believe race discrimination is affecting your ability to do your job, you have options for holding your employer accountable.

At Hammons, Hurst & Associates, our employment law attorneys fight on behalf of people of all races who suffer due to the race biases of others. If you’re in Oklahoma City or the surrounding region, consider putting your trust in our attorneys to protect your legal rights.

Race Discrimination Comes in All Forms—and It’s Always Unacceptable

As an employee, the ability to perform your work is the only basis on which your employer may evaluate you. If you believe you have lost out on promotions, raises, or new responsibilities due to your race, or if you are being subjected to racial slurs, it’s important to seek experienced legal representation so that you know how to protect yourself.

As your attorneys, we will gather as much information about your case as we can, including gathering documentation and interviewing witnesses, to determine the best course of action for your claim. By obtaining legal representation, you’ll send a message to your employer that you will not tolerate any ongoing illegal treatment.

With our experience in employment law, there aren’t many situations we haven’t already dealt with in our practice. We know what it takes to get positive results for you.

Speak to Race Discrimination Attorneys in Our Office

Proving allegations of race discrimination can be difficult; however, having the right attorneys in your corner can increase the chances of your success.