Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys

If you’re pregnant, you already have enough to think about without having to spend time worrying how your pregnancy will affect your employment. Unfortunately, many women are still punished simply for making the decision to have a child.

For women in Oklahoma City and the surrounding region, Hammons, Hurst & Associates is a premier source of legal representation when they experience discrimination due to pregnancy. Our attorneys and staff have decades of combined experience and a long track record of successfully protecting the rights of employees who were the subjects of discrimination.

You Cannot Be Punished for Choosing to Be a Mother

When you’re pregnant, there are several ways you can experience work-related discrimination, including:

  • getting fired for becoming pregnant
  • your employer’s refusal to make accommodations for a pregnancy-related disability
  • harassment for missing work due to pregnancy
  • refusing time off work as covered by the Family Medical Leave Act
  • refusing to promote you due to the possibility of pregnancy and taking time off

If you have experienced any of the above issues, you may be entitled to compensation such as back pay and lost wages.

If you believe you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination, contact Hammons, Hurst & Associates. Our Oklahoma City-based attorneys have the experience, skills, and knowledge you need when taking action against your employer.