Gender Discrimination Attorneys

Many men prefer working with other men, and many women prefer working with other women; however, this is not a reason to discriminate in the workplace. No matter the field of your employment, if you’re suffering at work as a result of gender discrimination, call the experienced attorneys at Hammons, Hurst & Associates for the help you need.

We’re known as one of Oklahoma City’s top employment law firms; Employment Law is our practice. We dedicate our firm’s resources exclusively to representing victims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

We Serve Employees Throughout Oklahoma

Certain professions are subject to gender stereotypes. For instance, here in Oklahoma many consider the oilfield a male-appropriate workplace, while some view women better suited for the secretarial and nursing professions. This kind of thinking often leads to harmful gender discrimination.

If you can prove you’re capable of doing your job, yet you were fired or lost out on advancement opportunities due to your gender, consider speaking to an experienced attorney to see how you can hold your employer accountable.

A common fear that frequently prevents individuals from reporting discriminatory behavior is retaliation. Our attorneys take retaliation seriously, and can provide aggressive, compassionate representation to protect your rights while removing unnecessary stress from your life.

We understand how important your employment is to you. We can work diligently on your behalf to help resolve your claim in a positive way that protects your best interests.