Family Medical Leave Act Attorneys

When medical conditions require you to miss more work than is covered by paid sick time, the federal Family Medical Leave Act provides a crucial lifeline. Although your leave is unpaid, your employer cannot punish you for taking it.

If you’re facing consequences at work because you have (or are) using FMLA time, the attorneys at Hammons, Hurst & Associates may be able to help you—just as we’ve helped countless other employees over the past years.

How the FMLA Protects Workers in Oklahoma and Throughout the U.S.

If you work for a business that has more than 50 employees, the FMLA entitles you to receive up to 12 weeks of unpaid medical leave. This leave can be used if you have a child, if you need to care for your spouse, child, or parent, or if you are suffering from a serious medical condition that prevents you from working.

You do not have to use your leave all at once. You may use it intermittently, including a few hours at a time. What your employer cannot do is:

  • discharge you once you return to work
  • deny your request to use FMLA leave, if it’s for a covered reason
  • discipline you (such as denying a promotion or extra responsibilities)
  • because you used FMLA leave

Don’t hesitate to call our law firm if your employer is punishing you for attempting to use FMLA leave. Our attorneys can protect your rights, investigate your claims, and, if necessary, take legal action while you take the time to focus on what’s important: getting better, spending time with your child, or helping a family member get back on his or her feet.