Disability Discrimination Lawyers

When you suffer from a disability—whether an illness or injury—you shouldn’t have to worry about your employer punishing you for something that’s not your fault. We at Hammons, Hurst and Associates may be able to help you receive the compensation (back pay and lost wages) you deserve if you experience discrimination due to your condition.

From our law firm in Oklahoma City, our employment law attorneys can fight on your behalf in both federal and state trial courts throughout the region if an employer does any of the following:

  • fires you because of your disability
  • denies you a promotion or more responsibilities
  • makes no accommodations for your disability
  • harasses you or refuses to stop other employees from harassing you because of your condition

The Americans with Disabilities Act Provides Certain Protections

The ADA is in place to provide crucial protections from discrimination for workers who can do their jobs despite their disabilities.

The ADA requires your employer to make accommodations if you can otherwise perform the essential functions of your job. You may be entitled to time off for medical treatment or recovery related to your disability. This applies to all types of disabilities, including cancer, allergies, chronic pain, or physical disabilities.

Oftentimes employees need to take time off work using both Family Medical Leave Act work time and ADA time. Your employer isn’t allowed to use this against you. An employer may argue that making accommodations presents an undue burden. Our lawyers will investigate your claim and determine the best course of action for you.